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Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Often, we focus on our CASA volunteers and how they're handling their cases for foster youth. However, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and discuss how important our CASA Case Supervisors are, and the critical role they play for our CASA program. Marnie Carrick, one of our Case Supervisors, joined us on this episode to talk about the world of foster care, CASA advocacy, and what it's like from her perspective as she helps to manage cases and her assigned CASA volunteers.

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

On this episode, Jeff and Tracey discuss the need to help foster youth who age out of the foster care system. What happens when a foster youth with no home, food, or a job ages out of the system? What resources are available to them? How can we help and provide assistance during this unimaginable time in their lives? We had a great discussion about this issue.

Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

It's that time of year where foster youth will begin another school year. For many in foster care, it's an uncertain time due to the instability within their lives outside of the classroom. What kind of resources are available for foster youth to help them succeed in school? How can we best advocate for their education? These are just a couple of the topics we dove into on this episode.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

On this episode, we talked to CASA SHaW's Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Amanda Gilliam, about our CASA program's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and why they're important for the work we do. Amanda tells us about her story, the benefits of DEI initiatives for our CASA program, and how we're progressing in this realm. We also embarked on some DEI myth debunking as well. 

Thursday Jul 20, 2023

Over the past few months, we have been generating an exciting new initiative called the CASA Family Video Series! We understand that resource homes and biological families don't always have valuable information at their fingertips when trying to learn about the challenges and needs that their children may have. How does an infant's brain develop? How do you care for textured hair? What resources are available within our public education system for children who may have academic challenges? Thanks to a grant that was provided to us, we have been producing and uploading to our YouTube channel videos that will help resource and biological families. On this episode, we dive into this video series, what it means to us, and those we serve.

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

On this episode, Tracey and Jeff talk about how and why community resources and partnerships are so important to the work we do. Whether it's partnering with other nonprofits, clubs, businesses, or larger corporations, our collective community within our region continues to be a tremendous partner in the important work we do for foster children.

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

June is a time where we recognize and celebrate Pride Month at our CASA program. As advocates and supporters of our LGBTQ+ community, it's important for our CASA program to be visible within our community.  Whether it's setting up a Pride Day booth or helping to educate people with an open mind, to listening to LGBTQ+ community stories, we support our LGBTQ+ community. Listen to what Pride Month means to us, as well as the conversation, our Executive Director had with her trans daughter, Alex!

Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

We recently spoke to Davon Woods, the founder of Foster Kids Matter, about his and his twin brother's journey across the United States. The Woods brothers are raising foster care awareness by walking in all 50 states and spreading the word about how we can all help children who are going through the foster care system. Davon spoke to us about his story, thoughts on the foster care system, and how he wants to inspire others to become more educated about the system he and his twin brother grew up in.

024. Foster Care Awareness Month!

Wednesday May 24, 2023

Wednesday May 24, 2023

It's May! So that means it's National Foster Care Awareness Month! Here at CASA SHaW we like to celebrate and talk about our positive impact stories. Through these stories we are able to highlight how our CASA volunteers, one step at time, truly make a difference in the lives of the abused and neglected foster children they serve. This episode contains three stories: The Wrestler, The Readers, The Nurse. Let's keep spreading the word about how we can make a positive impact in the world of foster care!

Tuesday May 09, 2023

This episode takes you into the world of a parent's journey. Kristen had her baby taken from her due to substance abuse addiction. She battled and came out on top. Thankfully, she is here and healthy today, telling her story to our CASA program in the hopes that her story will inspire others.


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