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Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Our CASA program has not only focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), but we have equally focused on Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs). Various research and study has been done over the years that highlights PCEs, what they are, how they're defined, and how many PCEs there are in the world. Connectivity plays such an important part of PCEs. We dove into this important subject on this episode.

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Our CASA program at CASA SHaW is proud of the work we've undertaken over the years to engage racial diversity, not just within our region, but throughout our CASA network within the State of New Jersey. How can we better reflect the foster children we serve day-in and day-out? How does cultural competency play a role within our CASA program? We're continuing to take positive steps to make change within our local communities on behalf of foster children.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Disproportionality and bias is a reality within the child welfare system and world of foster care. As a result, we have been engaging our CASA community and programs throughout the State of New Jersey with various trainings and educational-based learning platforms to help our advocates and stakeholders understand the realities of implicit bias, where it comes from, and how we can combat it in the future. We're taking steps to make a positive change in our communities.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Human and sex trafficking is a billion dollar industry that targets vulnerable children in all of our communities. Within this episode, we discuss those vulnerabilities and help to raise awareness of how human and sex trafficking swirls around the realm of foster care throughout the nation.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

On this episode, we discuss concrete resources. Concrete resources are at the heart of how we can, and should, do better for those within the realm of foster care.  What happens if a family's hot water heater breaks? What if a family member is laid off from work unexpectedly? We discuss this issue, how changes can and should be made, and what we're doing a CASA to help make a positive difference.

Friday Dec 23, 2022

Our amazing CASA volunteer, Joe Young, joined us on this episode to talk about not only his story, and aspects of his case, but some best practices of a CASA volunteer. Joe takes us through the educational and placement challenges with his CASA youth. Joe's tireless efforts are truly valued.

014. Transitions in Foster Care

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Within the foster care world, children are often moved from resource home to resource home. Adapting to new environments, schools, and homes is sometimes a significant challenge for children and youth. On this episode, Jeff and Tracey talk about the transitions in foster care, and how we can lighten the burden of youth who move from one placement to another.

Thursday Dec 01, 2022

The holiday season can be an extremely difficult time for children in foster care. Whether foster youth feel the heavy loss of family, their culture, and even a lack of gift-giving, the holidays can be especially painful and lonely for foster kids. What should we be aware of, and how can we make things a little better? Take a listen. We hope you have a great holiday season!

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

There are so many myths about the world of foster care. During this episode, we wanted to debunk some of those myths and prejudgements. No, not all foster youth are delinquents. No, foster parents don't always get attached to the children. Take a listen and share with those in your network to help inform others as we debunk these myths.

011. Kinship Care is Important

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

What is kinship care and why is it important within the world of foster care? There are many benefits to placing children with relatives or other kinship caregivers, such as increased stability and safety as well as the ability to maintain family connections and cultural traditions. We dove into this subject on this episode.


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